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Matt Welsh & Ian Pope


Replaces traditional stopwatches and equipment. Makes timing, training and racing a lot easier. The system is wireless, portable and expandable.

insert-img“Now an athlete can get real time feed back via audio, visual or directly from the coach” - Matt Welsh, OAM former backstroke and butterfly world champion.

“Freedom to coach and assess performance without the burden of time keeping” - Ian Pope, Australian Olympic Coach and Head Coach of Melbourne Vicentre


Simple and easy to use, the AutoCoach stopwatches measure & store the basic measurements (time, splits, lap times & stroke rates) as well as high performance measurements (velocities, SI, SWOLF). Real time feedback to athletes is provided Visually (stopwatch or LED Display) or Verbally (time-call or via the AutoCoach Speakers). All data is automatically stored on the Watch, and wirelessly transmitted to a computer via an optional Transceiver.

training equipment

Automated pre-set time cycles are generated by our system with visual and audible commands used to co-ordinate your squad of athletes. All athletes can see their performance at a glance and know what time cycle they are on. This frees up the coach to give more attention to technique and motivation.

racing equipment

A versatile wireless race starting and timing system that is easy to setup and use! Race starters will love the pre-programmed official race commands, saving their voice while remaining in full control of each command. All times and results can be downloaded to a computer. Minimal timekeepers are needed for your next race meet, whether a PB challenge, club meet, school meet or sporting carnival. The system uses the same equipment used in squad training, maximising your investment.



All Stopwatches are audio enabled with built-in microphone and speaker. They can call-out measurements verbally, so that there is no need to look at the screen. They can also function as a walkie talkie and a P.A. system.

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Designed with the tech illeterate in mind, the AutoCoach system requires minimal setup - just press and play!

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Each device is designed to be portable allowing for easy transportation.

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With a range of over 200 meters, the AutoCoach system allows wireless transmission of data, timing and audio.

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The system employs a digitally encoded wireless network allowing you to control who's in and who's out.

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Adapted for many sports such as track & field, triathlons and especially swimming.

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Choose your own components to create your own AutoCoach system designed to do what you need it to do. It's all up to you.


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