Advanced Dual Wireless Stopwatch
Spoken Times and Strokerates 

AutoCoach makes timing, coaching, training and racing easier

  • Coaching, training, performance analysis and racing
  • Build a system according to your own needs
  • Automated "Time Call" speaks the times
  • Replaces traditional stopwatches and equipment
  • Automated starting and interval training
  • Set up in seconds not minutes
  • Expandable and upgradable
  • Automatically collects all your timing data
  • Wireless, rechargable  and portable



Relay Changeovers & Block Time       Stopwatch Unboxing 


Introduction with Ian Pope          High Performance Analysis



       Race Practice 25M                     Race Practice 50M



     Interval Training                            Fitness Testing



      Race Velocity Analysis             Small Pool Start Practice



    Race Meet Scoreboard               AutoCoach Components


  AutoCoach Powerpoint           Matt Welsh Poolside Demo ASCTA'16



Adapted for many sports such as track & field, triathlons and especially swimming.


Each device is designed to be portable allowing for easy transportation


With a range of over 200 meters, the AutoCoach system allows wireless transmission of data, timing and audio.


The system employs a digitally encoded wireless network allowing you to control who's in and who's out.


Designed with the tech illeterate in mind, the AutoCoach system requires minimal setup - just press and play!


Choose your own components to create your own AutoCoach system designed to do what YOU need it to do. It's all up to YOU.